What are the smart-element and how to use them?

To save your time for routine operations, we created new elements - smart blocks that allow you to automate this process. But first, let's figure out what are smart elements...

So, what is a smart element?


A smart element is a structure, container or stripe with the same basic blocks (image, text, button, etc), but there is a special option to receive variable data from external sources. You configure content just once customizing and designing product name, image, price, description and Buy button, and arranging them in the preferred order. Then, add internal and external variables, set the rules on where to receive data from and how to apply it. Done - smart element is ready. Just insert the product page link, and the system will get the data and apply it to specified elements. This way you save a lot of time specifying just one link for your smart element - the system will update the rest automatically!