Segments customer groups for targeted communication with VLAN

Every business has different types of customers. Split conference from the holiday and leisure segment. Get control of who they are and communicate more efficiently with VLAN split segmentation.

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Segmentation of visitors is very useful. It lets you group your customer base and create segments based on those groups. This will help you with more successful marketing with higher click rates and open rates on your emails.

VLAN split means that we are splitting your network so that you can segment your visitors. We add an extra network name in consultation with your network provider and gather information from different sources.

This kind of information gathering is good for you as a customer as you can get an overview of how many conference guests, restaurant guests, and hotel guests you have. With this overview, you can send different messages to different segments with automatic email campaigns (like Digital Customer Journeys) which will provide greater success in your marketing and remarketing, and save you time. 

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