User's rights in Loyall data processing

The User Transparency Portal ensures that all your users will be able to fulfil their most common statutory rights when their data my be processed.

The User Transparency Portal is available to all end users, employees and administrators. For users, it appears by signing in "Terms_for_bruk" and "privacy_policy", as well as the footer of all communication methods.The access portal is generated per location, and employees have the ability to manage requests from end users, where end users confirm the request via email confirmation.

Delete my profile

Your users can delete their profile in your Loyall database. The person will be automatically removed, and you will not have to worry about sending email to users who do not want to receive this.

Update my profile

Your users have the right to edit incorrect information on their profile. This is easily done via the User Transparency Portal.

Get insight of my data

The right of access to data was introduced together with the GDPR upgrade on May 25, 2018. Your guests will be able to enter their email address, confirm the email address and then receive an report of their data, sent automatically to their email.

Unsubscribe from this list

Sometimes a guest preferences is changed. Therefore, we clearly inform the user when and how to opt-out of your communication. This ensures that your database at any time is updated with those who wants your communication

Data portability

A user is entitled to be able to move their data from one controller to another. This can be done by sending a request to

Limited data processing

A user is entitled to require limited processing. If user does not want to delete, unsubscribe or update his profile, user may request limited processing. This can be done by sending an email to

Send objection

If none of the above rights are considered sufficient, users may choose to protest to their data processing. Submission can be sent as an email to

All other rights and duties of a end-user is given in Loyall's privacy policy

Note that this is a general Loyall privacy policy. If you have a specific privacy policy for your company, it is available through your login.