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Setup Automatic Campaigns

This is a tutorial on how to activate Automatic Campaigns from Simply Selfcare Dashboard

  1. Log into your Loyall Dashboard (Campaign builder) by visiting Loyall website. Click here
    1. Your password have been sent by email, with subject "login til dashboard" 
    2. If you can't find your password, please email; marked@loyall.no
  2. Press "Create campaign"
  3. Choose the location you want the campaign to be sent from from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose campaign title.
  5. Choose campaign type "Automated Campaign"
  6. Choose Recipient Type "Email"
  7. Choose when you want to sent your communication. 
    1. "Now" is often used to create "Welcome messages" 
      1. The email will be sent based on "trigger event" (customer connects to location wifi)
    2. "Delay" is often used to build a "digital customer journey"
      1. Choose how many hours, days, weeks or months you want to delay the message. 
        1. The time period of delay will be calculated from "trigger event" (customer connects to location wifi)
    3. "Schedule" is mostly used for "once campaigns"
      1. Choose preferred mailing time.
Add several automatic campaigns that are sent at different times, using the "delay function". This creates a digital customer journey.
  1. Choose the loyalty of your customers. 
    1. Choose "all" to communicate with all 
      1. Every visitor who actively accepts your communication.
    2. Choose "first time visitors" to segment a targeted message to;
      1. those who visit your venue for the first time.
    3. Choose "loyal customer" to segment a targeted message to;
      1. your own definition of loyal customers. Pick the number of visits who define your perfect audience, and choose between "all time", or choose a specific time period.
  2. Choose which sending channel you prefer 
    1. "SMS"
      1. Often used for messages that request quick response.
        1. 90% of SMS is read the first 4 minutes, 98% of all SMS is being read.
    2.  "E-mail"
      1. Often used for digital customer journey, periodic newsletters, marketing campaigns.
  3. Choose between Loyalls own Template Builder, or import your own HTML file in the Basic Field. 
  1. Once you have designed your communication, either its with Basic setup or Loyall Template builder, you can send yourself a "Test Campaign" to see how the campaign actually look. 
  2. As long as your design looks how you wanted, and all click links are working as they should, you can activate your campaign by pressing "Activate" 
  3. Your campaign will be added to the queue and sent based on your chosen criteria. 
    1. You will be redirected to a status page over your campaign, where you can see the campaigns sent actionstrigger eventssegmentation and press to see online Campaign preview. 
    2. Check the "target segmentation" and make sure that the values is in line with your wishes.
    3. Campaign rapports can be followed live on the campaign summary page. Click here 

Automated campaigns perform at is best when complied to a digital customer journey.