How does Loyall Gift Card works?

This article gives you an overview of our gift card solution, and how to use it. A digital gift card solution that creates more sales, and simplifies handling.


Gift cards are a simple yet effective way to create sales.

Gift cards can be sold through a variety of channels. You can choose if you would like to sell them online, in stores, or maybe both. You can either use your own website to sell the gift cards, or we can either create a webshop for you. This way you can sell gift cards online even if you don’t own a website. 

Deliver them any way you choose.

Deliver the gift cards in any way you want. There is no actual limit to how you can deliver your gift cards, but we recommend by post, e-mail, or SMS. Your customers can use the gift card everywhere. They get optimized to fit your website, app, and actual stores. 

Performance dashboard

You will get access to a performance dashboard. This dashboard shows gift card sales data and performance statistics for each gift card individually and as aggregated reports.

Processing and payment handling

You will get your own processing or integration with external processor payment handling.



  1. Account

Open an account by filling out a simple form or getting in touch with our sales team.

  1. Pay-out

Set up our pay-out service to automatically transfer the money to your company bank account.

  1. Sales

Start selling gift cards in a webshop that we create for you or plug a gift card module into your own website.

  1. Redemption

Redeem gift cards in your stores using Loyall online gift card redemption module.


Get started?