How to issue physical gift cards, without pos integration

To access the control panel for gift cards, go to From the landing page you have to sign in with your username (your email adress given to you by us) and password which you have been given through Email.


Selling gift cards

1) Remember to first receive payment from costumer

Find the button sell/issue gift card and enter the amount the costumer wants. Take payment from the costumer through VISA og other payment options.

Tip: Code your own button for sales of gift cards from Diggecard. Can be done in most cash registers.


2) Click on POS in the menu.

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Skjermbilde 2020-12-22 kl. 11.20.54


3) Issue gift card with the amount the costumer paid for.

Skjermbilde 2020-12-22 kl. 11.26.18


4) Summary