How to duplicate a campaign between different locations?

This article provides instructions on how to duplicate the design between two separate locations in Loyall Dashboard.



  1. Open Loyall dashboard, 
    1. Click "Campaign" tab,
      1. Choose your preferred campaign. 
        1. Press "Design", and the template builder vill open.
  2. Click "Code editor", and the HTML code will appear. 
  3. Click in code field, select all ("cmd-a"), and copy ("cmd-c)
  4. Click "Go back", 
    1. Press "Campaign" and, 
      1. Press "Create new"
  5. You will now enter the "campaign settings" field.
    1. Select the sender,
      1. Select subject,
        1. Select segmentation and settings, 
          1. Klikk "Create campaign"
  6. You will now see a template library with different templates to choose from.
    1. Choose any. 
  7. Click "Code editor" in the new campaign. 
    1. Paste ("cmd-v") The HTML code you copied from your previous campaign.
      1. You can now make the necessary changes,
        1. Click "save & close",
          1. Activate the campaign with "play button".