Gain larger database

Do you want to speed up data collection?

We've collected a few tips and tricks for how to get more out of your service.

The most important

Previously, you might have an open network, or a password-protected network. When installing Loyall, it is important to remove or hide this network, so that all traffic runs through Loyall to get the most data possible.
If a guest has been with you early and logging on to the internet, where you have not hidden or deleted, you will miss a lot of valuable customer data.

Network kan easily be changed by logging into the router, change password and network name (SSID), and then press "save".


Visibility creates results. By reminding even more that you have available WiFi, more people will choose to use the service. The more people who use the service, the more data is gathered.

Visibility can, for example, be promoted in:
  • Digital monitors
  • Restaurant menu
  • Table cards
  • Hotel Info notes
  • Digital communication before guest arrival
  • Routine for the receptionist to inform 
All of those promotions will result in a better informed Guest/Customer/Visitor, and overall lead to more sales, more satisfaction and easier everyday life.

We recommend to produce those promotions in line with the venues own visual identity. 
If desired, Loyall may also produce such material.

Incentive in login portal

By giving an incentive to the visitor to become a member of your customer database, more will choose to subscribe. The incentive can either be presented visually (by a "coupon"-image, placed just over where a user accepts or rejects communications, or as text in the same place.

The incentive can also of course be promoted in places mentioned under "visibility".


Promoting simplicity and optional log-in alternatives is an important factor. We know visitors are impatient and we should make sure they get the best possible services and best information.

Want customized tips for your venue?

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