Digital Customer Journey for Office Community or larger locations

This tutorial contains tips and tricks for how you can create a digital customer journey, using Loyall Solutions.

Digital customer jurney hotels (1)Each Office Communitys, Municipalities, Harbors, Cities og other larger locations who demand to communicate personalized with their visitors have different wishes and needs.
We recommend that you contact us for a strategic plan, or check out our general suggestions below.

Time saved, Sales increased

A digital customer journey saves time, communicates with your guests on their premises, provides practical information during stays that lead to resale, and communicates relevant content after a visit.

Welcome Communication

  • This email often contains practical information regarding the visitors stay.
    • A Harbour may want to announce 
      • how the visitor may pay, 
      • how they can use the port facilities,
      • where the nearest restaurants, stores, malls or facilities are, 
      • how the rules of the harbour look like
    • A Municipalitie may represent the facilities available in the municipality
      • gain more visitors to the local mall, 
      • present the unique art the municipality has to offer, 
      • help retailers to get more visitors,
      • presents practical opening information to the municipality,
      • promote the municipality as a more attractive tourist attraction,
    • Cities, often controlled by a center association
      • May promote similar as a Municipality, but is often representing several members.
      • Gain competitive advantage and increase the attractiveness of membership by controlling a larger communications database.
      • promote the members of the organization,
    • Office Community may have collaborators or practical information they wish to convey
      • how to access the office facilities, 
      • how to reach your desired contact person,
      • a map over the area,
      • event information, 
      • contact info, 
      • partners or employee benefits of using this office landscape,
      • information about canteen
Use the Start Campaign function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. Now is often used here.

Thank you for your visit Communication

    • Get feedback on the visit, as a;
      • survey, 
      • review, 
      • general feedback
    • Make the visitor feel seen and appreciated
      • by giving him an advantage of having just visited you,
      • promote practical information about his stay, 
      • Invite him to complete the process has started on your visit at home 
    • Promote your partners or other facilitiesAfter a guest/visitor/customer has visited your venue, it may be somethings you want to communicate.
  • Use the Delay Function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. 5-12 hours is often used here.

Win-back or partners

  • There is often something you want a visitor to got up on the phone, a week after they visited you.
    • This can be anything from;
      • Invite your visitor back
      • promote your deals,
      • make the visitor recommend friends,
      • create a engagement in your social channels, 

Each campaign is set up seperately. Add one and one campaign, and when you have activated all five, your digital customer journey is complete. To get the best results, analyze your results and optimize if necessary.