Data Processing Agreement

Why is a Data Processing Agreement statutory by international law?

The meaning of a Data Processing Agreement

A data processor agreement shall ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with the regulations and sets a clear framework for how the data processor can process information.
Data controller (The company)
The person who determines the purpose of processing personal information and the means to be used. This is usually a business
Data processor (Loyall)
The person who processes personal information on behalf of the Data Controller. This is usually a business.

Loyall has created a standard Data Processing Agreement that ensures that data processing is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Online signature

In balance between easy handling and statutory requirements, the agreement is available online at any time. 
The agreement must be signed before a new customer connects Loyall.
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  • Password for access to the agreement is sent by email. 
    • If you have not received the password, please contact us by chat in right corner or by e-mail to
Source: Datatilsynet