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Copy/paste HTML code

This is a tutorial on import HTML campaigns Simply Selfcare Dashboard, which is made in other mail systems.

Basic Field is often used if you have build a campaign in another Mailing system, and instead of building it twice, you can copy paste within 2 minutes.

  1. Export your campaign from (example MailChimp) to your local computer.

  2. Open your downloads 
    1. Open the HTML file in Xcode, Notepad, TextEdit or another similar program which can read HTML.
    3. The Campaign will open as a code document.
    Remove the *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* from preview of email. 
      1. (This text is showed as a preview under the subject field in your recipients email inbox.)
      2. Search for (cmd-"f") *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* in the HTML document.
      3. Replace the text in grey marked area in picture below, with your wished Preview text. 
        1. Example: Welcome to Hotel Demo.

    1. Copy the whole document (mark one line and press cmd-"c")
    2. Paste it in Loyall Basic field (cmd "v")
      1. Make sure the title field is filled.

    1. Send yourself a test email by clicking "Send test campaign"
    1. If the test looks how you wanted, press "activate"

    Important notice

    Remember to set your segmentation criteria.