Automatic Email Ideas

As travellers crisscross the globe, they’re spending money on flights, accommodations, food, and activities. In 2016, 1.2 billion people traveled internationally and spent $1.5 trillion, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

To help captivate travelers, increase loyalty, and give reservations a boost, here’s a example of ten wildly successful email marketing campaigns:

Give travellers a warm welcome

  • When a traveler signs up for your emails, it’s time to roll out the red carpet. Send your new contact a welcome email with a warm greeting and information that encourages the subscriber to learn more about your brand.

Provide travel inspiration

  • With so many places to go, travelers need some inspiration. Research shows a growing number of travelers are looking to visit lesser known areas or non-touristy locales, according to the 2016 Virtuoso Luxe Report.
  • No matter what destinations you tout, make sure you include awesome images to go with it. Images not only draw attention, but they also help travelers imagine themselves sitting under a palm tree or touring the streets of a city.

Personalise travel ideas and deals

  • A personalised email is more relevant to a subscriber, which makes him or her more likely to open it and click through.
  • To personalize emails, you should capture information from your subscribers, or use data from other third-party apps like your Loyall System, e-commerce app, or your CRM. Every piece of information you gain provides more insight into your customer and gives you the ability to provide customized travel offers.

Provide gift ideas on holidays

  • When a holiday rolls around, send travel ideas. People are always hunting for a great gift, so why not encourage them to think outside of the gift-giving box?
  • Flight Centre sent its subscribers an email on Mother’s Day that said, “Brunch is nice, but a trip is better.” It’s humorous, timely and most importantly, it could encourage two bookings – not just one.

Provide testimonials

  • Travelers aren’t just scouring the web for the most affordable trip; they’re also reading reviews. Ninety-three percent of travelers worldwide say their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews, according to research from TripAdvisor.

Did you know that

B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10%, according to a report by Forrester?

Encourage travelers to join your loyalty program

  • Loyalty is a hard nut to crack in the travel and hospitality business. Travelers tend to search for the best deals rather than favor a specific brand. However, if you have a rewards program, you can use it to encourage loyalty and repeat business.

Give loyalty members incentives to travel

  • After attracting subscribers to your loyalty program, you can send emails that are specific to this niche. Consider segmenting this list into smaller groups based on buying behavior, popular destinations, or location.

Provide access to experiences

  • Travelers are looking for an experience, not just a destination. That’s why it’s important to promote activities that are available to travelers. By focusing on the journey and not just the destination, you can create memorable customer experiences.

Offer a limited-time deal

  • Seventy-six percent of business travellers and 70% of leisure travellers book with a specific brand because of price, according to Google.
  • Considering the priority of great pricing, send emails to your subscribers that give them the chance to take a great trip for an unbeatable price. Show subscribers how sweet these deals are by putting a time limit on them.

Give travellers a chance at spontaneity

  • It takes the average traveler 45 days to book a vacation, according to research from Expedia. However, not every traveler invests that kind of planning time.
  • In fact, some travelers are looking to get away quickly. Give subscribers the chance to take a spontaneous trip with a can’t-resist email offer. Flight Centre sent this email to subscribers with a link to last-minute vacations that start at $530. Read all about how Flight Centre increased their click-throughs by 57%.

Email automation can not only help you convert leads into customers, but it can also help you delight your existing customers and encourage activity like greater product adoption, upsells, evangelism, and additional purchases. 

What your open rates tell you;

  • Under 16,5% = Get back to the drawing board.
  • 16,5% World average open rate.
  • 16,5% to 30% = Keep going. Be sure you continue to refine and test.
    Over 30% = Congratulations! Keep winning.